Prof. Paul Halloran is an Associate Professor in Ocean and Climate science within the Collage of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Exeter, where he moved in 2013. Our growing research group is focused on the role of the oceans within climate change, with a focus on biogeochemical cycling, variability and predictability.

The group builds on Paul's multi-disciplinary background to tackle questions pertaining to climate change and its impacts on society in novel ways. Paul’s degree and PhD were in the Department of Earth Sciences in Oxford, where working with Prof. Ros Rickaby, he examined ENSO change over the Pliocene, developed novel geochemical climate proxy techniques, and investigated the impact of ocean acidification on calcifying phytoplankton. After his PhD Paul moved to the Met Office Hadley Centre as a scientist, then senior scientist in ocean biogeochemical modeling. In the Hadley Centre Paul was heavily involved in the development, validation and application of the Earth System Model HadGEM2-ES. Working with this model, Paul and colleagues investigated the mechanisms behind novel biogeochemical climate feedbacks, the role of anthropogenic aerosols in recent climate change, reversibility in the earth system and more.